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Hello! I'm Meghana Verma, an avid runner with a passion for pushing my limits and embracing new experiences. I've completed over 10 races, including marathons. Tennis also played a significant role in my life during college, teaching me teamwork and dedication. When I'm not running or playing tennis, I love exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations, immersing myself in new cultures and connecting with people. Reading is another passion of mine, as I devour around 100 books each year, spanning various genres. Nature brings me peace and adventure, so I frequently go hiking. I also express my creativity through art and painting, which allows me to tap into my imagination. Additionally, I have a passion for public speaking and leadership, having led a student ambassador team at my university, HKUST, promoting our institution and sharing our experiences with high school students across Asia. I'm always seeking new knowledge and experiences, determined to make the most of life's journey by learning, growing, and inspiring others along the way.

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